Expansive Product Displays Simplify Product Selection

Product Display

Our team here at Marshall Stone is focused on providing the best customer service possible; we strive for our customers to have the ideal experience with every step of the process, including product selection. Our product experts are onsite and ready to help you narrow down which stone is the best fit for your project. They, along with our professional contractors, commit to continuing education to learn more about new products.

We are determined to bring you the best products available. We have various stone displays on site and located outside so you can see them in natural light in real-world use.

Contact us today to experience our outstanding customer service; we look forward to discussing your project. 

Testimonial from ProTerra

“WitProTerra Owner Brooke Austynh Marshall Stone and their staff, our customers are well taken care of by being guided in their decisions for the best materials for their needs. They are also dedicated to continuing education on new methods and products for their professional contractors.”


–Brooks Austyn- Owner ProTerra