Marshall Stone is now offering Bob Timberlake Stone Veneers

Marshall Stone brings the warmth and beauty of natural stone to the interior and exterior of commercial and residential buildings with Bob Timberlake Stone Veneers. Each stone veneer blend comes from US quarries, is cut to order and reassembled by artistic masons. Because of its artisinal quality, no two products are the same.Bob Timberlake Stone Veneer Outdoor Fireplace

What truly sets Bob Timberlake Stone Veneers apart from the competition is that it takes up to one-third less of the time to install. Full thickness products require ledgers, footings, and wall ties to install. Bob Timberlake natural thin stone veneer does not need ledger, footings or wall ties because each veneer is only 1-1/4 inch thick. In addition, we use pre-cut 90 veneers to complete the corners with the same look as the full thick veneers.

Bob Timberlake has curated a collection of thin stone veneers with a full range of textures and colors that highlight the timeless natural beauty that can only come from nature. Summerfield, Lexington, Salem, Catawba, Chetola, High Rock, Watauga, Piedmont, Davidson, and Yadkin complete the collection that is comfortable and casual with a touch of elegance.  Contact us today to schedule a free consultation to see how Bob Timberlake Stone Veneer Collection can complement your home or business. Our stone veneer project gallery has many ideas to get you started.