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Loose gravel, crushed stone, sand, or river washed pebbles in varying shapes and sizes all make up stone aggregates. Consider utilizing stone aggregates for pathways, driveways, patios and water features or create a dry river bed to provide a natural-looking drainage system. Stone aggregates are also great to use in pet areas. Stone aggregates can be used as mulch in the garden for beautiful weed control and to help with drainage problems. Stone mulch does not need to be reapplied year-after-year like tree-bark mulch or pine straw. Marshall Stone provides a variety of stone aggregates in many sizes and colors.

Location availability denoted by NC=Colfax, NC & VA=Rocky Mount, VA

Granite Chips VA

Small River Rock NC

Medium River Rock NC

Shenandoah half inch VA

Shenandoah 1inch VA

Shenandoah 2-3 inch VA

Shenandoah 3-6 inch VA/NC

Slate Chips VA

Stone Bark VA

57 Stone NC/VA

Crusher Run NC/VA

Mortar Sand NC/VA

PA River Jacks 3/4″ NC/VA

White River Rock 7/8″ NC/VA

C-33 Paver Sand
C-33 Paver Sand