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Boulders & River Rock

Make a bold statement — use boulders to add visual interest and character to your landscape or to build a water feature. Boulders can even add a second or third level to your landscape without actually adding elevation. Boulders are also used to create stunning retaining walls, pathways and steps or consider using them as barriers or even as seating in the garden. Add boulders with stone aggregates in your water feature or to create a dry creek for visual interest in your landscape. Marshall Stone offers a variety of natural boulder shapes and colors for your bold and beautiful outdoor creations.

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Stone is a naturally occurring product of the earth. Variations in color & texture are expected. This is a characteristic which gives natural stone its charm and makes it a preferred and unique building material. Please use the photographs as a guide only. We cannot guarantee color & texture match to any photographs. Contact us to discuss the specific stone and application.