Stone Veneer

Full stone veneer (4-8” thick stone), commonly called building stones has been used for centuries.  This method requires a concrete footing and mechanical connection to a masonry or adequately waterproofed substrate.  This requires skilled masons, projects costs more and takes longer to construct.



Natural Stone Adhered/Thin Veneer

Natural Stone Thin Veneer has been available for years, but recent innovations allow natural stone to be cut thinner, faster and more efficient than ever before. Today a variety of manufacturer’s stone cutting machinery transforms full thickness natural stone into lightweight thin stone veneer (nominal 1-1/4 inch thickness). These lightweight pieces reduce production, shipping, and construction costs allowing greater affordability, installation versatility and real value when compared to imitation stone products. Natural Stone Thin Veneer can be installed quickly, often without footings or ledges and adheres to concrete, plywood, paneling, drywall, and even metal. 90 degree angles cut from full thickness stones are used in corner applications that conceal the true thickness of the stone. The overall result is an application that looks like traditional full thickness installation. For best results, consult with the material supplier for recommended products, uses or installation suggestions to meet your specific design or application needs.
Most consumers prefer natural stone over “man-made cast concrete” materials, which is why Natural Stone Thin Veneer has become so popular in the marketplace.

A variety of styles and colors are available in thin stone.